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Mexico Adventure Tour – México Aventura

  • 20 days
  • Partially guided
  • 100% customizable
  • All year round
  • Breakfast included
  • 1.class bus included
  • Rental car included
  • Taxes included

Bienvenidos and welcome to Mexico!

On this varied Mexico adventure trip you will experience nature and adventure at its best! Discover the mystical world of the Maya in the deep jungle and hike through the untouched nature of the Sierra Norte. Feel the adrenaline and thrill of rafting in the Lacandona jungle. Let yourself be enchanted by the colorful underwater world of the Riviera Maya while snorkeling in the cenotes and in the second largest coral reef in the world.

This Mexico adventure trip is ideal to combine with a relaxing beach holiday, for example on the Holbox island.

Look forward to your dream trip, which will be 100% tailored to you and your wishes.


Day 1Arrival in Mexico City

Welcome to Mexico! An unforgettable, exciting adventure trip in Mexico awaits you here with breathtaking nature, millennia-old culture and warm, authentic encounters.

Once you arrive at Mexico City airportyou will be picked up by your driver and taken to your hotel in the center of the city.

Meals: None

Day 2Pyramids of Teotihuacan

On this tour you will be picked up early from your hotel in Mexico City and set off for the impressive pyramids of Teotihuacán.

This famous ruin site was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987 and is one of the most important prehistoric ruined cities in America. The temple city was built in the 6th century BC and developed into the cultural and economic center of Central America with up to 200,000 inhabitants. From there you can get an idea of ​​the huge dimensions of this archaeological site. Let your guide explain everything you need to know about this unique temple complex and then climb the impressive moon or sun pyramid. From there you can see for yourself the huge scale of this temple complex.

This is followed by a fortifying lunch (optional) in a nearby impressive grotto before heading back to Mexico City.

Meals: Breakfast

Day 3Mexico City - Puebla

At the given time you will be picked up from your hotel by your driver and driven to bus station of Mexico City.

There you take the 1st class bus to the beautiful colonial city of Puebla. Once you have arrived in Puebla, you will go to your hotel in the center of the city on your own.

Puebla is known for a rich culinary history, colonial architecture and pottery crafts. Enjoy your free afternoon and discover Mexico’s fourth largest city individually Visit the main attractions such as the cathedral and the church of Santo Domingo.

Meals: Breakfast

Day 4Puebla - Oaxaca

At the given time you will go to the bus station in Puebla on your own and take the first class bus to Oaxaca. When you arrive in Oaxaca, you travel to your hotel in the center of Oaxaca on your own.

Oaxaca is a beautiful, authentic city in the state of the same name and in the heart of Mexico.

After your arrival, we recommend stretching your legs on a city tour on your own. Visit the Zócalo, the Cathedral, the Amparo Museum, the Chapel of the Rosario, the Palafoxiana Library and the colorful El Parián craft market. Try the regional delicacies for which Oaxaca is world-famous.

Meals: Breakfast

Day 5Oaxaca - Sierra Norte

Today and tomorrow you can expect two wonderful, unforgettable days in the middle of Oaxaca’s untouched nature and with authentic encounters in remote mountain villages in the Sierra Norte.

Once you arrive at the meeting point in the center of Oaxaca, your adventure begins with a certified guide and you travel for about 1.5 hours to one of the “Pueblos Mancomunados” of Oaxaca: Cuajimoloyas.

Once there, you’ll have time to walk around the village before enjoying a delicious breakfast made mostly from local ingredients (mushrooms are the local specialty). On this adventure you will hike through breathtaking landscapes with mountains, clouds, pine trees and through picturesque villages in the Sierra Norte.

Once you have explored the village, history and culture, you enter the magnificent “enchanted forest” that surrounds the community. There you hike along a 22 km long, ancient path that connects the villages of Cuajimoloyas and Ixtepeji. It is a breathtaking path full of flowers, magueys, corn, pines, oaks and beautiful mountain landscapes. The villages are so interesting and quiet. You will enjoy the rural life of the village communities, the local customs and traditions.

During this hike you will have time for a picnic, meditation or other activities. At the end of the hike, an impressive suspension bridge awaits you at the top of the mountain with one of the most beautiful landscapes. Then you can end the evening quietly in the eco-mountain huts of Lachatao.

Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Day 6Sierra Norte - Oaxaca

The next morning you get up early and together with the guide you visit the sacred Cerro del Jaguar, a spiritual place on a hill with a wonderful view. After breakfast you leave your accommodation and continue hiking downstream.. This 11 km hike takes you to a historic site where gold was processed during the colonial era. After hiking back to Lachatao, you will be served lunch made with fresh mountain ingredients before returning to Oaxaca City.

Meals: breakfast, lunch

Day 7Hierve el Agua & Teotitlán de Valle - San Cristóbal de las Casas

Today you will discover one of the most beautiful natural phenomena in Mexico.

The tour starts early in the morning and you will be driven to the “petrified waterfalls” of Hierve el Agua (English “boiling water”). The bubbling springs are actually reminiscent of hot water, but in reality they are only a pleasant 23-25 (depending on the season).

Once in Hierve el Agua, you will explore the entire area and view the limestone waterfalls from different perspectives.

Afterwards, you will have free time at the natural pools to refresh yourself and swim in the healing (not hot) thermal waters of Hierve el Agua. Afterwards, you will drive to Teotitlán del Valle, where local families make colorful weavings. There you will come into direct contact with a very lovely local family, who will show you their house and their weaving technique over hot chocolate and concha.

Afterwards you will be driven back to your hotel. In the evening you will take the comfortable and safe 1st class night bus to San Cristóbal de las Casas.

Meals: Breakfast

Day 8San Cristóbal de las Casas

After your arrival in San Cristóbal de las Casas early in the morning, you will make your own way to your hotel.

Enjoy the day off and discover the beautiful, authentic city on your own.

Meals: Breakfast

Day 9Sumidero Canyon & Chiapa el Corzo

Today you will be picked up at your hotel and the first highlight of this tour is the impressive canyon “Cañon de Sumidero”.

On a boat trip you will marvel at the impressive gorge, whose rock walls rise up to 1000 m into the sky. The captain will explain everything you need to know about the diverse flora and fauna, as crocodiles, cormorants and river turtles, among others, live there.

Afterwards you will get to know the picturesque village of Chiapa de Corzo. On a city tour you will visit “La Pila”. You’ll also visit the Zócalo, the city park, the Monastery of Santo Domingo and a craft market where you can buy some souvenirs for your loved ones back home.

At the end of an eventful day, you will be transferred back to your hotel in San Cristóbal de las Casas.

Meals: Breakfast

Day 10El Chiflón & Lagos de Montebello

Today you experience another day in Chiapas’ breathtaking nature. You visit the waterfalls of “El Chiflón” and Los Lagos de Montebello.

You will be picked up from your hotel around 8 a.m. and travel about 2.5 hours to the Natural Park of El Chiflón. Las Cascadas el Chiflón are a series of waterfalls formed by the San Vicente River, which winds through steep limestone gorges. El Chiflón is a paradise for nature & waterfall lovers. On a tour of about 1.3 km you will admire the waterfalls El suspiro with a height of 25 m, Ala de Àngel (30 m high) and Velo de Novia, which falls about 120 m.

The tour then continues to the Lagos de Montebello – the lakes of Montebello, which lie on the border with Guatemala. This impressive UNESCO biosphere reserve includes 59 lakes of different colors and beautiful pine forests. You visit the most beautiful lakes Pujo, Tziscao and Internacional. There you have time to enjoy the landscape and relax.

Then you go back to your hotel in San Cristóbal de las Casas.

Meals: Breakfast

Day 11Agua Azul - Misol Ha - Palenque

Today you can expect a very eventful day in the middle of Mexico’s breathtaking nature.

Your guide will pick you up from your hotel very early in the morning. In Ocosingo you take a first break to have breakfast in peace. Freshly strengthened, you are now ready for your first highlight of the day: the impressive Agua Azul waterfalls in the middle of the tropical rainforest. It is a whole system of around 500 small and large waterfalls. The high mineral content gives the water its bright blue-turquoise color. The water also has a very high lime content, so that beautiful stalactite formations sometimes form. If you want, you can jump into the cool water and refresh yourself here.

This impressive waterfall system also includes the approximately 35 m high Misol-Ha waterfall, which you will visit afterwards.

After these beautiful natural impressions, the journey continues to Palenque. For lovers of Mexican culture and history, the ruins of Palenque are among the most fascinating temple complexes in the country. Palenque was inthe 6th century a local major power and a close ally of Tikal in numerous wars. Immerse yourself in the world of the Maya, visit, for example, the Temple of Inscriptions, the Palace and the Cross Group. Archaeologists estimate that there are over 1,000 other unexplored temples hidden in the jungle. A local guide can be booked optionally.

After this eventful day you will be taken to your hotel in Palenque.

Meals: Breakfast

Day 12Rafting in Lacandona Jungle

Today you’ll experience an action-packed day on a rafting tour in the Lacandon jungle! You will be picked up from your hotel very early and taken to the Lacandona Jungle. After a safety briefing, we can get started! You will be back at the hotel around 8 pm. Feel the adrenaline and have lots of fun on the river in the middle of the untouched nature! You’ll be back at the hotel around 8 p.m.

Meals: Breakfast

Day 13Palenque - Campeche

At the given time you will go to the Palenque bus station on your own. From there you take the 1st class bus to Campeche.

The port city is located directly on the Gulf of Mexico and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. At the time of the Conquista, Campeche was one of the most important ports for the Spanish crown. From there, raw materials such as wood, salt and sisal were shipped to Europe. As its wealth increased, the city fell victim to pirate attacks more and more frequently. To this day, there are numerous stories and anecdotes about the colorful pirate town.

Meals: Breakfast

Day 14Campeche - Xpujil

This morning you pick up your rental car and set off into the deep jungle of the Maya to experience another true adventure.

Once you have arrived in Xpujil and in the middle of the jungle, you will spend your first night in the jungle with pleasant jungle sounds.

Meals: Breakfast

Day 15Calakmul - Bacalar

Today you will be woken up by the beautiful sounds of the jungle and the adventure can begin. Because today you will discover the still largely unexplored ruins of Calakmul on your own. Calakmul was one of the most important centers of Mayan power and is one of the largest Mayan cities ever discovered, along with Tikal and El Mirador. Take your time to climb the temples and enjoy breathtaking views over the jungle. Be careful, a monkey may hop by here and there.

You will then drive to the beautiful Lagoon of Bacalar, which is also called the Lagoon of the 7 Colors thanks to its beauty and strong blue tones.

Meals: Breakfast

Day 16Bacalar

Enjoy the day off on and in the lagoon, swim, take a rejuvenating mud or Mayan bath and rent a kayak or SUP to explore the lagoon.

Meals: Breakfast

Day 17Sian Kaan - Xpu Ha

Today, after breakfast, set off comfortably towards Riviera Maya. On the way there, we recommend a visit to the unique Sian Kaan Nature Park.

In the Mayan language, Sian Ka’an means “born from heaven,” and a stay in this nature reserve truly feels like a gift from heaven.

With its endless, pristine wetlands intersecting with secluded bays and inlets, coral reefs and mangrove forests, this protected area is a feast for the senses and one of the most important coastal nesting grounds in the Caribbean Sian Ka’an is home to enormous biodiversity, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and enjoys special status under the Man and the Biosphere Project – a UNESCO initiative that aims to integrate local activities into protected areas through sustainable practices.

You drive about 1.5 hours from Bacalar to the entrance to the Sian Kaan Nature Reserve. There you can take one of the many boat tours that are offered locally. You will be amazed by the large number of animals, e.g. manatees, crocodiles, dolphins, turtles and much more.

If you still have time and desire afterwards, we recommend a stop at the picturesque ruins of Tulum. The temple “El Castillo” in particular is known for its beauty and is a very popular photo opportunity as it protrudes majestically into the Caribbean Sea.

Afterwards you drive on to Xpu Ha.

Meals: Breakfast

Day 18Cenote - bike tour

Discover the variety of sacred caves, underground rivers and open cenotes (freshwater caves) hidden in the Mayan forest. The cenotes, viewed by the Maya as a gateway to the underworld, remain sacred to the Maya to this day and are unique in the world. This tour takes you to the most mystical cenotes in the region: Gran Cenote, Cenote Escondido and Cenote Cristal.

These fascinating places full of history and mystery are home to ancient human and animal remains dating back to the ice age, as well as amazing rock formations, stretches of underground rivers and crystal clear waters.

The tour starts at the specified meeting point in Tulum and you travel to the Gran Cenote, one of the most famous cenotes in the area, unique for its amazing combination of cave, underground river, open sections and the turtles that live there. This is a great place for snorkeling in the cenote and because it is very well known, we make sure you get there early before the crowds arrive to fully enjoy the beauty.

Then we continue on a 4 km long forest path. There is no traffic here and, with a bit of luck, you will get the opportunity to observe wild jungle animals. On this path you will stop to enjoy a delicious brunch in an exclusive jungle oasis: a small guest house hidden in the tranquility of nature, where you will be served fresh fruit, coffee, gourmet sandwiches and juice in a beautiful and calm surroundings.

After brunch and some time to relax, the next stop is Cenote Cristal, an open cenote surrounded by lush vegetation. There you have time to swim, relax and jump into the cenote.

From here it’s just a short trip to Cenote Escondido. It’s a calm cenote that’s great for snorkeling, full of fish and underwater vegetation, and has a few hidden caves for the more adventurous.

Led by experienced guides, this tour is a great way to experience an active adventure around Tulum, with stops for swimming, snorkeling and lots of fun as you ride through the jungle on high-quality bikes. You will also learn a lot about the local environment and the formation of the cenotes as well as their importance for the inhabitants of the Yucatán Peninsula over the millennia.

Meals: Breakfast

Day 19Snorkel tour

Today you’ll experience a half-day tour that combines snorkeling on the Mesoamerican coral reef with a fantastic private cenote.

The tour starts at the meeting point in the center of Tulum. From there you go to the boat dock and further to one of the best snorkeling spots in the Riviera Maya. There you will be amazed by the colorful variety of healthy corals, tropical fish, stingrays and sea turtles. This activity takes place in a beautiful bay to avoid strong waves and currents, making snorkeling safe and easy.

Afterwards, another highlight awaits you: snorkeling in a private cenote. The cenotes are one of the most attractive features of the landscape of the Yucatan Peninsula. These amazing freshwater caves are home to magnificent limestone formations, stalactites and columns. But above all, the fact that they are flooded with rainwater is what makes them so special: the color and clarity of the water is phenomenal, creating reflections, lighting effects and a mystical feeling. It is not without reason that the cenotes are sacred to the Mayan tribes and are considered the gateway to the underworld.

You will visit a unique cave where you can admire the different formations and learn about their development process by walking through the cave approximately 600 m underground. This is the perfect setting to learn the meaning and importance of these caves to the people of the Yucatan Peninsula. During the first part of the cave you will walk through about 1m of water until you come to an area where natural light comes through, allowing you to swim in deeper water with natural light. This is a truly magical and for some a spiritual journey through the Mayan world.

Meals: Breakfast

Day 20Xpu Ha - Cancún

Your unforgettable Mexico adventure trip is coming to an end today and we hope that you take many wonderful memories home with you.

At the given time you drive to Cancún airport, drop off your rental car and head home.

Meals: Breakfast

Included in the offer

  • 19 hotel nights
  • including breakfast
  • Private transfers on days 1 & 3
  • Guided tours according to travel plan
  • 1st class bus tickets
  • Rental car category "compact" on days 14-20
  • Local taxes

Not included in the offer

  • International flights
  • Additional meals and drinks
  • Gasoline and tolls
  • additional driver
  • Tips for drivers and guides
  • Personal expenses
  • Travel insurance


I am a solo traveler. Is there a single room supplement?

Yes. All prices shown on the website are prices per person in double room occupancy. Please contact us to send you an individual offer with a single room supplement.

Who is this Mexico adventure trip suitable for?

This trip is suitable for anyone who wants to experience Mexico’s untouched nature and authentic culture off the beaten path.

What are the cancellation conditions? What if I'm not allowed to travel because of Corona?

We offer you a Corona security package with which you can cancel or rebook your trip free of charge up to 7 days before departure due to Corona. You can find more information about this here.

What level of fitness should I have for this trip?

Since the travel includes some hiking, cycling and a rafting trips, you should have a certain level of basic fitness, although the entire trip and all tours can be adapted to the individual fitness level.

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